30 Cost Saving Initiatives

We understand that organisations are facing some of the biggest economic challenges ever, IT budgets are squeezed and they need to do more for a lot less.

Follow CIO-OFFICE to get 30 practical initiatives that can help save any organisation cost, without compromising quality.

30 Cost Saving Initiatives

Initiative 1 - Cisco

Alternative Cisco support arrangements

Organisations with Cisco support contracts require a direct line to call on expertise and efficient problem resolution for Cisco products.

For many having support arrangements in place is essential, there is another way, which can save up to 20%.

Initiative 2 - Managed Print

Optimise Managed Print Services (MPS)

A Managed Print Service can provide a greater level of visibility and control of your organisation’s print output.

To drive the best possible value for our clients we recommend separating the hardware and service elements out into individual components that can then both be assessed commercially.

Initiative 3 - Microsoft

Microsoft Licencing

When looking to renew enterprise cloud and licence contracts with Microsoft, ensure you consider the available options.

Ensure you understand the difference between an Enterprise Agreement and Cloud Solution Provider Program.

Initiative 4 - HPC

Remote High Performance Computing (HPC)

Stop spending money on expensive high performance devices. Instead use a cloud tenant such as AWS and create a Virtual Desktop, using a secure VPN connection using SD-Wan and virtual firewalls to secure the data. Enabling you to utilise a standard laptop.

Initiative 5 - eProcurement


Whether you’re sourcing notebooks and tablets or keyboards and headsets for the office, finding commodity, but essential IT, at a good price, takes time.

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Initiative 6 - AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace

A digital software catalogue that helps you find, test, buy, and provision software and data products. With over 7,000 listings and 260,000 existing customers.

Initiative 7 - Consolidate Service Agreements

Consolidate Service Agreements

Having a simplified approach to the management of service support agreements, may not be the highest priority, however it can yield real bottom line benefits, that IT Leaders should investigate.

Initiative 8 - Lease rather than buy

Lease rather than buy

Consider lease finance packages to reduce your annual costs of owning IT equipment. Save money, save time and ensure you always have the right IT equipment when you need it.

Initiative 9 - Optimise Mobile Telephony Spend

Optimise Mobile Telephony Spend

To drive the best possible value for our clients we recommend separating the hardware and service elements out into separate components that can then both be assessed commercially.

Initiative 10 - Service Levels

Save on SLAs

Are you looking closely at where you can make IT cost savings, without impacting the service provided to users? One overlooked aspect, where savings can be made is service level agreements (SLA).

Initiative 11 - Cloud Optimisation

Cloud Optimisation

To maximise the benefits of any cloud transformation journey, it is vital to ensure cloud usage is optimised to gain both operational and financial benefits.

We typically expect to see a cost benefit of between 20-30%.

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Initiative 12 - Optimise Network Costs

Optimise Network Costs

Many organisations have invested in MPLS or ‘leased line’ wide area network circuits given the requirements in terms of contention ratio and availability. However, in recent years there have been significant improvements.

Initiative 13 - Reduce Cyber Risk and Cost

Reduce Cyber Risks and Cost

Increase the capability of your security infrastructure, through best practice deployment and optimum utilisation. While reducing cost through consolidation and purchasing at strategically advantageous times, mitigating more risk, for less.

Initiative 14 - Device as a Service

Device as a Service

Device as-a-Service (DaaS) is a flexible and cost efficient way to manage your IT hardware, reducing the complexity of purchasing and provisioning end user devices.

Initiative 15 - Deal Registration Fees

Deal Registration Fees

Deal registration fees are used by many technology firms to incentivise channel partners to sell their products to as many clients as possible. These fees can run into the Hundreds of Thousands (£).

Initiative 16 - Optimise Cash Management

Optimise Cash Management

Organisations require cash to maintain competitiveness and fuel their growth strategies. Run out of cash and your company can experience significant distress or even bankruptcy.

Initiative 17 - Rationalise Remote Working Solutions

Rationalise Remote Working Solutions

Optimise your technology deployment and ensure those emergency Covid-19 measures are integrated into your IT Strategy, Budget and Security Framework

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Initiative 18 - Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

Stop asking these questions ‘what’s wrong?’ and ‘how can we fix this?’. Software Asset Management enables organisations to optimise their assets to meet business requirements.

Initiative 19 - Labour Arbitrage

Labour Arbitrage

Utilising Labour Arbitrage in lower cost geographies can reduce running costs for these functions by up to 60%.

Initiative 20 - Independent Third Party Software Support

Independent Third Party Software Support

The average annual saving is at least 50% when independent third party support is utilised. In addition many clients receive a higher level of support and improve SLAs.

Initiative 21 - Benchmark Performance and Pricing

Benchmark performance and pricing

Bench-marking both performance and pricing being offered by suppliers can be an extremely effective way of reducing cost, while delivering improved performance.

Initiative 22 - Resell and Buy Pre-Owned Software

Resell and Buy Pre-Owned Software

Cash is King for organisations in today’s economic climate. Significantly reduce cost by purchasing pre-owned software licences to achieve savings of up to 70%.

Initiative 23 - Electronic Content Management

Electronic Content Management

Electronic Content Management provides an on-premise or hosted virtual filing cabinet that is efficient, more convenient and much less costly to run than the traditional solutions.

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Initiative 24 - Microsoft Managed Desktop

Microsoft Managed Desktop

Enact your modern workplace strategy, while improving your security posture, reduce cost and take advantage of an evergreen support model through the Microsoft Managed Desktop service.

Initiative 25 - Open Source Software

Open Source Software

Adopting Open Source Software (OSS) can reduce your total cost of ownership. OSS typically has a low up-front cost (no big licence fee required) and shifts the focus from licencing to customisation and implementation.

Initiative 26 - Resource Academy Model

Resource Academy Model

Adopt a Resource Academy Model, to source highly desired and skilled resources to improve service, innovate, reduce cost and create the next generation of IT talent.

Initiative 27 - Automate Invoice Management Systems

Automate Invoice Management Systems

Invoice management software is a proven and effective solution to streamline processes with Accounts Payable Departments while strengthening supplier relationships, improving efficiency, and increasing invoicing compliance.

Initiative 28 - 2nd Life IT

2nd Life IT Re-use of technology assets – giving assets a 2nd Life, reduces unnecessary waste and provides affordable computing to many organisations.

Initiative 29 - IT Service Desk Evolution

IT Service Desk Evolution

IT Service Desks are evolving, with automation and AI capabilities becoming the norm, enabling lower costs and a more effective service.

Initiative 30 - Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure automation is no longer optional, in today’s complex IT environments it is essential.
Infrastructure Automation enables efficiency gains, productivity improvement and cost reduction benefits.

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